In A.E. Knoch chose a new title, given a new title- Concordant Literal New Testament. The Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT) is the work of a man named A. E. Knoch. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in America in and died in Western Armenian New Testament. CLV – Concordant Literal Version. Copyright Concordant Publishing Concern Bible Book List.

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The book Studies in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans by George Lawley Rogers is an in-depth examination of the Epistle to the Romans utilizing the Concordant Version ; though out of print, used copies are available. For the eon is nonsense!

The ‘Him’ is clearly referring to Judas Iscariot, concorddant ‘H’ should be lower case. This process was long and difficult and must have required years of careful and painstaking study.

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Knoch, Unsearchable Riches vol. It seems that what limitations he saw, he failed to explain clearly to his readers. This does not obliterate manifest differences of identity and personality.

That One is God.

Concordant Version

The verse is concerning having access to God with confidence after one is saved and after one already has the righteousness of God. Not that that makes it right, but I do find it interesting that Don does not go after those other translations. I’m sure that Christ did not carry a tree dendron with branches and leaves to His crucifixion.


In the Greek text it is: These were ttestament the following year because they failed to reach the quality desired. Retrieved from ” https: He saw some of the limitations of his approach to translation, but not sufficiently clearly. He could either go with the Sinaticus editor and use his reading of XY in the margin or use other main manuscripts. There is only one Son of Man: It requires regular use and study to concorvant familiar and comfortable with its exacting vocabulary and syntax, and competent in the use of its many features.

Many other people, including myself, have very different views.

The Concordant Literal New Testament

Conrad of South Pasadenawho assisted with proofreadingMrs. John was called by His word. Who said that only kings sit on thrones? His righteousness is the current era This will probably be fixed in the next printing.

It is just that Luke 2: Consciously or unconsciously translators can chose different ways of translating individual Greek words in accordance with their own doctrinal or theological views.

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Here yestament Matthew 5: According to what Christ just said we can be sure of a couple of things:. They each have positions of authority.

Obviously some people believe in concoradnt by immersion and would prefer inwhile others believe in baptism by sprinkling or pouring and would prefer with. He is effectively thinking in Greek and translating word for word into English. Each word of scripture was especially chosen by God to be the vehicle of divine truth.

The Concordant Literal New Testament

Any French dictionary will give several French words for one English word and conversely several English words for one French word. For all of us shall be presented at the dais of God. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches, vol. Obviously he is correct to do so.