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Namdev’s work is known for abhangasa genre of hymn poetry in India. Sant namdev abhang in discusses the chronological and philological difficulties relating to the purported origins of the Sanh and the traditionally-accepted year of birth and spelling of Namdev.

In Namdev literature, devotion as the path to liberation is considered superior to alternative paths.

Namdev – Wikipedia

Namdevalso transliterated as Namdeo and Namadevatraditionally, c. He is also venerated in Sikhismas well as Hindu warrior-ascetic traditions such as the Dadupanthis and the Niranjani Sampraday that emerged sant namdev abhang in north India during the Islamic rule.

Of thousands of Abhang poems credited to Namdev, – are probably authentic. Namdev’s padas are not mere poems, according to Callewaert and Lath.

Namdev was influenced by Vaishnavite philosophy. Details of the life of Namdev are vague. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. Aside from a shrine there that marks his death, there are monuments at the other claimant places, being Pandharpur and the nearby Narsi Sant namdev abhang in.

Nama Mhane – Abhang – Sant Namdev

In this instance, the potential controversy was that of caste or, more specifically, his position in the Hindu varna sant namdev abhang in of sant namdev abhang in ranking.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Namdev. Shima Iwao says that “He taught that all can nwmdev saved equally, without regard to caste, through devotion bhakti to Vithoba” and ahbang he greatly influenced groups of people who were forbidden by the Brahmin elite from studying the Vedassuch as women and members of the Shudra and untouchable communities.


Namdev was influenced by Vaishnavismand became widely known in India for his devotional songs set to music bhajan-kirtans. Localizing Sanctity in Asian Religions Editors: These are the vessels, many and varied. Picture of Bhagat Namdev in Punjab. Namdev is considered one the five revered gurus in the Dadupanth tradition within Hinduism, the other four being DaduKabirRavidas and Hardas.

Namdev is generally considered by Sikhs to be a holy man bhagatmany of whom came from lower castes and sant namdev abhang in also attracted attention as social reformers.

Sant eknath abhang – Shabdratna

The musical genre of Namdev’s literary works was a form of Prabandha — itself a very large and rich genre that nandev dhrupadthumritappageetbhajan and other species. Namdev’s legacy continues through the biannual pilgrimage to Pandharpurnear Want river, in south Maharashtra. This helped spread sant namdev abhang in message and songs widely.

The worm and the moth, whatever moves or is still, everything is filled with Rama.

Sant eknath abhang

Supreme deity Vishnu Krishna Rama. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Niranjani Vaniwhich is their scripture just sant namdev abhang in the scriptures of Dadu Panthi and Sikhs, includes poetry of Namdev, and is dated to be from the 17th and 18th centuries.

There are contrary traditions concerning his birthplace, sany some people believing that he was born at Narsi Bahmanion the Krishna River in Marathwadaand others preferring somewhere near to Pandharpur on the Bhima river. He was born sant namdev abhang in what is generally recognised as a Namsev caste, variously recorded as shimpi tailor in the Marathi language and sant namdev abhang in ChhipaChhimpaChhimbachimpi calico -printer in northern India.

The literary works of Namdev were influenced by Vaishnava philosophy [6] and a belief in Vithoba.

Smrtisthalaa later Mahanubhava text from aroundmay also possibly refer to him; after that, there are no references until sant namdev abhang in bakhar of around In north India, Namdev is considered as a nirguna bhaktain Marathi culture he is considered a sant namdev abhang in bhakta. Namdev’s style was to compose simply worded praise for Vithoba and to use a melodic device called samkirtanaboth of which were accessible to common people. This page sant namdev abhang in last edited on 17 Julyat To Namdev, mechanical rituals are futile, pilgrimage to holy places is pointless, deep meditation and loving mutual devotion is what matters.


Such men, who comprised both Hindus and Muslims, traditionally wrote devotional poetry in a style that was acceptable to the Sikh belief system. Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda. Ayurveda Dhanurveda Gandharvaveda Sthapatyaveda.

In Namdev’s literary works, summarises Klaus Witz, as with virtually every Bhakti movement poet, the “Upanishadic teachings form an all-pervasive substratum, if not a basis. We have here a state of affairs that has no parallel in the West.

The numerous subsequently produced manuscripts also show sant namdev abhang in texts and additions that are attributed to him. He is the subject of many miracle-filled hagiographies composed centuries after he died. According to Mahipatia hagiographer of the 18th century, Namdev’s parents were Damashet and Gonai, a childless elderly couple whose prayers for parenthood were answered and involved him being found floating down a river.

Scholars note that many miracles and specifics about Namdev’s life appear only in manuscripts written centuries after Namdev’s death. The Adi Granth of Sikhism includes a compilation of 61 songs of Namdev. The details of Namdev’s life are unclear. Indian traditions attribute varying theosophical views to Namdev. Namdev’s simple words of devotion sant namdev abhang in his use melody appealed to common people.